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General Dermatology

Do something good for the skin

In dermatology, the focus lies on our largest organ – the skin. In particular, changes in our skin and possible diseases affecting it are diagnosed and treated here.

Skin changes have numerous causes. For example, substances with which the skin comes into contact on a daily basis, UVA and UVB rays from sunlight, or even natural aging can change our usual skin appearance.

This is where Karin Claren, MD, comes in with her dermatological expertise. Do you suffer from acne, warts or varicose veins? Is your skin dry, irritated or showing unusual changes? Are you afraid of allergies, intolerances or an increased risk of skin cancer?

Then visit Dr. Karin Claren! She is the perfect address for your dermatological concerns, because your health is her priority.

Our Services

The services offered by Karin Claren in general dermatology include three areas: prevention, diagnostics and treatment.

Of course, you have the option of having a skin cancer screening in order to exclude cancer or to detect it in time.

In addition, allergic diseases can be diagnosed and appropriately treated to heal your symptoms.

Dermatological laboratory diagnostics are also part of the services offered by Karin Claren in order to be able to recognize and treat diseases of the skin and hair.

Due to Karin Claren’s expertise in phlebology, you have the opportunity to have vascular diseases such as inflammation of the veins or varicose veins ideally treated.

Especially in the treatment of chronic skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis, you are in the right hands with Karin Claren – through the special balneo-phototherapy, which consists of a special bath and a subsequent light treatment, you can achieve lasting relief.

Finally, surgical procedures are also performed in our practice, where you can rely on Karin Claren’s many years of experience.




I look forward to welcome you to my practice!

Your Karin Claren, MD