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Aesthetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular. Karin Claren, MD, treats patients who wish to undergo an aesthetic procedure every day. This means that you can rely on her many years of experience and place yourself in the best hands in the field of aesthetics. You will receive optimal consultation regarding your ideas – and together we will find the right treatment method.

Years of experience in aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic procedures are as diverse as the individual wishes of our patients. Karin Claren is a sought-after expert in the field of medical aesthetics. Thanks to her many years of experience, you will receive the ideal treatment for your personal concerns.


During treatment with Botox, expression lines and active wrinkles are treated with injections using extremely fine cannulas. The active ingredient “botulinum toxin” shows its full effect after two to five days.

A single session usually takes only 20 minutes and the full effect unfolds after only two to five days – even more astonishing that an effect duration of up to nine months can be achieved. With regular treatment, this duration can be significantly extended.

Eine Frau lacht mit geschlossenen Augen in die Kamera und streicht mit beiden Händen über die Wangen
Eine Frau schaut frontal in die Kamera und streicht sich mit einer Hand übers Gesicht.


The endogenous substance hyaluron plays a major role in our body. In particular, the elasticity of our skin is often severely affected when the body’s own substance is produced less and less with age.

This is where treatment with hyaluronic acid comes into play: synthetic hyaluronic acid is injected in the so-called dermis. This refills the hyaluronic acid stores and gives the skin new volume. Wrinkles are no longer visible and also contours are restored as a result of the procedure – the anti-aging effect shows its full effect.


Mesotherapy – also known as “mesolifting” – treats the skin using a minimally invasive procedure. The injections, which are placed under the skin, stimulate cellular regeneration and thus skin renewal.

The punctures into the tissue also stimulate blood circulation and oxygen supply in the affected area.

To maintain the desired result permanently, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every three to six months.

Eine Frau während einer Needling Behandlung bei einem Hautarzt


Microneedling is a treatment that helps with skin problems. In a non-surgical procedure, tiny needles are moved over the problem areas of the skin. As a result, ultra-small holes are created in the layers of the skin, which allows skin care products to better penetrate the skin and maximize their effectiveness. For this reason, microneedling is used especially for wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, scars or loss of hair.

Injection Lipolysis

This procedure treats small to medium fat deposits on the body and face. The treatment is performed using a preparation that dissolves unnecessary fat deposits. A major advantage of injection lipolysis over similar practices such as liposuction is that no surgical procedure is required.

For this reason, the treatment involves less stress for the body, which is why you need only a short recovery time afterwards.

Eine Frau zieht mit ihren Fingern die Haut am Bauch zusammen und zeigt so Körperfett an.
Young woman cleaning face skin in salon. Retinol peel with brush. Acid organic peeling


Fresh, smooth skin looks healthy, youthful and attractive. But with increasing age, wrinkles or pigmentation spots impair the skin’s appearance. Scars or blemishes can also disturb one’s own aesthetic perception. If you don’t want to resort to drastic methods such as a facelift, you can use a peel as a more gentle alternative.  

Peeling has many advantages: The superficial removal of skin layers removes dead cells that make the complexion of the skin look dull and flaky, removes cornification, and stimulates the formation of new cells. This subsequently makes the skin clearer, smoother, softer and fresher. And best of all: on this basis, subsequent care treatments also work better.

I look forward to welcome you to my practice!

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